In this photo: Light Denim Henry Top
In this photo: White Carrie Blouse
In this photo: White Carrie Blouse White Shorts
In this photo: Denim Henry TopDenim Shorts 
In this photo: Denim Carrie Blouse
In this photo: Denim Henry Top
In this photo: Light Denim Henry Top
In this photo: Light Denim Henry Top & White Henry Top
In this photo: White Henry Top 
In this photo: White Henry Top & Ari Leggings 

A Beginning

One is a foundation, it is a beginning.
It is more about unity than sameness, about being harmonious with a surrounding, even an urban one. Sharing an aesthetics with the city and those who inhabit it, loose cool and young.
Marina & Yankle are wearing pieces from our online exclusive line- ONE BY MAYA NEGRI 
Photography: Dudy Dayan
Make Up & Hair: Nirit Hirschmann
Art direction and production by MOO&AR
Models: Marina Alex for MC2, Yankle Filtser for Yuli Models
Special credits: Moses