In this photo: RODAN OVERALL
 In this photo: IAN JACKET
 In this photo: RODAN OVERALL
 In this photo: KAHLO OVERALL
 In this photo: BOURBON DRESS

Cruise collection 2017

A line of easy-to-wear items with generous dose of high-end approach manifested in the fabrics and the precise tailoring. Relaxed proportions that keep the garment slightly away from the body endow the collection with end-of-summer tranquility, a moment before autumn sets in.

 As a whole, the items join one another into a versatile collection that can be worn in a number of ways, all resulting in a complete, thoughtful and sophisticated look, one that provides a pinpointed, even more relevant response to any occasion.

 Unusual combinations of flowing pants with knee-length jacket with a rich collar and stud-strewn sleeves, minimalistic tank top with deep plunging V-neck made of thin, flowing crepe fabric provide a new and bright twist to the summer wardrobe.


Luda is wearing pieces from our Cruise collection. 
Photograpers: Tom Marshak
Make Up: Ronit Galmor
Hair: Zack Almog
Model: Luda Dolgunin for for MC2.