In this photo: Moody Pants & Tendi Jeans

Maya's Yoga

Yoga is an essential part of life for those who practice it.
It is minimal, the space it occupies is minimal and doesn’t require any special machinery, the body is the instrument and the space needed suits it’s size. It is quiet, the concentration it demands helps separating the noise and cluster of everyday living. Daily practice will give the feeling of self care for both body and soul, and an understanding that process and learning is a success on it’s own. Yoga helps to recognise the body’s sensibilities. it teaches flexibility whether physical or emotional. It inspires confidence. 
Magdalena & Maya are wearing pieces from our spring-summer 2016 collection.
Photograpers: Guy Kushi and Yariv Fein
Make Up & Hair: Nirit Hirschmann
Art direction and production by MOO&AR
Model: Magdalena Chachlika for MC2
Yoga positions: Ori Cohen